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This is a brief list of websites and applications that are using Pray Times library. Please let us know if yours is missing here.



  • Pray Times!: a Firefox addon to display daily prayer times
  • alQibla (iPhone): an iPhone application for displaying Qibla and prayer times
  • alQibla (Android): an Android application for Qibla and prayer times
  • Robot Muezzin: a robot jabber sending instant message on prayer times
  • Mawaqit al-Salah: an iPhone application for prayer times
  • MyAdhan: a mobile service providing prayer times
  • Sky Prayers: an iPhone application for qibla and prayer times
  • Qibla Plus: an iPhone application for finding qibla, mosques, and prayer times
  • Prayer Times: an Android application for payer times, Qibla, and Islamic events
  • InTime: a web application for payer times in Persian
  • and many others...
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