Display Tab

From Pray Times

In this tab, you can specify how prayer times and countdowns are displayed in the display pad.

Display Tab

Show Times

You can select which times to be shown in the display pad. For the definition of times, please refer to this page.

Display Mode

Determines how prayer times are shown in the display pad. You can choose to see the next prayer time, a countdown to the next time, or a combination of the two; i.e., see the next time by default, which is replaced by a countdown when a specific amount of minutes remains to the next prayer time.


The first option lets you hide zero hours from the countdown. If enabled, a countdown like 00:23:45 is simply shown as 23:45. The second option lets you remove seconds from the countdown if more than 1 hour is remaining. When enabled, a countdown like 02:45:12 is shown as 02:46.

Clock Format

You can choose between 12-hour and 24-hour clock formats.

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